Hady Fakhry: What marks your music is the imperfections and eccentricities. In a DJ set, do you favor music selection and style over the technicalities and transitions? What’s your priority?

Interstellar Funk: I think selection is everything. Of course technic of a dj is important too, but even with perfect transitions sets can be boring.
For me personally it makes it interesting to fit in music that people havent heard before and to surprise them.. This can be anything new, old or music unreleased thats unreleased.

HF: You’re often releasing and touring with Dekmantel, working at Rush Hour, and hosting a monthly residency at Red Light Radio. How did you manage to be so active in the Amsterdam scene? And did that help you get recognized regionally and internationally?

IF: This grew organically when i first moved to Amsterdam. I started an internship at Rush Hour and started working there after the internship ended. Around that same time Dekmantel started their first parties in a 150 capacity club in Amsterdam. I went to almost all of those parties and ended playing there quite regularly as well. Red Light radio is really supportive towards their locals even when you don't play in clubs yet, they offer you a platform. In the end we all became friends since we share the same interests in music.

HF: Let’s get political. When it comes to clubs, which one is your favorite in Amsterdam?

IF: De School is my favourite club in Amsterdam and maybe even of the world at the moment.
It has everything what makes a club great; the space, the sound, and especially the crew behind the club. They know exactly how to create a perfect place for visitors and residents.

HF: You mostly buy and use Vintage gear. How is that like, versus Ableton or other software, for example? And which vintage gear piece is your favorite?

IF: I started with mostly old gear, but nowadays I work with all kind of stuff. I also use Logic to record audio and the make the arrangements.
I think a combination of both works the best; the gear for the sounds and the software for the endless possibilities to finishing, arranging and mixing.