The Ballroom Blitz is a multi-purpose, multi-room venue keeping your Friday nights pumping with this boisterous Beiruti energy that we all crave to kickstart our weekends. The venue can host up to 1300+ persons simultaneously: 650 in the Lobby along with the Terrace, 100 in the Gold Room and 600 in the Ballroom and these numbers keep fluctuating up and down throughout the night. By definition, this venue becomes an all-inclusive space, welcoming anyone from anywhere to come in and unleash their inner party animals.

When owner Joe Mourani contacted Mr. Lars, CEO of Sofra and the man behind the safety of the venue, Mr. Lars knew this was by all means not an ordinary project. Usually used to working on big governmental projects for risk crisis with his firm “Grey International”, he knew this time there was a special vision that couldn’t have been compromised; an all-inclusive inviting safe haven. 

The concept of the work shifted from “security” to “safety” with a security component. It was all about creating a general feel of being safe and at ease, without feeling intimidated by the concept of a bouncer or a security system. The team members’ costumes are all labeled with “SAFETY” on the back of their shirts rather than “SECURITY”. They’re all trained in first-aid and red cross certified, being able to provide anyone with medical assistance. In case of any accident, let it be from the staff or the party-goers, there is a dedicated space to evacuate any patient to get treated without getting to the front door to minimize publicity and respect people’s privacy. There’s even a dedicated back route to allow an ambulance to reach the club without causing any commotion.

The Ballroom Blitz follows the European Standards of Security ESO, which are the strictest in the world. That means some adjustments had to be made to the design of the club to ensure a smoother flow within the spaces in terms of choice of materials all the way down to door width dimensions. The club can be completely evacuated in two minutes thirty seconds, at no point in the club are you further than 18 meters from a fire escape; and the staff is trained to follow a security protocol of evacuation.

To go back to the gist of this article, an impressive amount of work and attention to detail has been put into this nightclub to ensure that you experience the same mechanism every time you come and party. With fun and party being at the forefront of our minds, everyone is welcome to come and release all their tensions on our dance floors, while having a rested conscious that you are being taken care of.

We even offer to watch your car overnight if you “accidentally” happen to have a bit more fun than you had planned ;).

On a final note, the Ballroom Blitz is here to take care of you. Come have fun, dress sexy and show us your dirtiest moves you can bust.